For Our Cherished Charlotte Customers

Experience Rugs in Your Own Space Before You Decide

At Shop Oriental Rugs, we understand that selecting the perfect rug is about more than just its design or origin. It’s about how it complements your space, melds with your decor, and even how it looks under your unique home lighting.

That’s why, exclusively for our customers in the Charlotte area, we’re offering a special home viewing service.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Browse our collection online and pick out the rugs that capture your heart.
  2. Let us know your selections, and we’ll bring them straight to your doorstep.
  3. Experience the beauty and craftsmanship of our antique and handmade rugs right in the comfort of your home.
  4. If you feel a rug doesn’t fit your space as you envisioned, no worries! We will take it back, no questions asked, at no cost to you.

Why? Because we believe that the perfect rug needs the perfect setting to truly shine. Your home’s ambiance, its lighting, and its colors play an integral part in bringing out the best in an handmade rug. By offering you this unique at-home viewing experience, we aim to ensure your absolute satisfaction with your purchase.

So, to our esteemed Charlotte clientele: Experience rug shopping like never before. Let us bring the world of handmade rugs right to your living room.

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Exclusive Perks with Every Purchase: Because You Deserve the Best

When you invest in an exquisite rug from Shop Oriental Rugs, you’re not just getting a piece of art for your home, but a commitment from us to keep it looking timeless and beautiful. In collaboration with our esteemed cleaning branch, Bob’s Oriental Rugs, we’re thrilled to offer you a suite of exclusive post-purchase perks:

🔹 50% Discount on Rug Cleaning Services: To uphold the beauty and longevity of your rug, it’s essential to ensure its cleanliness. With our specialized cleaning services, you can maintain your rug’s pristine condition effortlessly. For the first decade after your purchase, benefit from an astounding 50% discount on all cleaning services.

🔹 30% Discount on Accidental Damage Repairs: Life happens, and so do accidents. Whether it’s a minor tear or a significant damage, we’ve got your back. Enjoy a generous 30% discount on all repair services for the first fifteen years, ensuring your rug remains as splendid as the day you bought it.

🔹 30% Discount on Accidental Stain Removal: Spills and stains can affect the grandeur of your rug. But worry not! Our expert stain removal services are at your disposal. Avail a 30% discount for the first fifteen years post-purchase, and let your rug shine untarnished.

About Bob’s Oriental Rugs:
Our commitment to your satisfaction is upheld by our partnership with Bob’s Oriental Rugs. A recognized leader in the industry, Bob’s Oriental Rugs is renowned for its state-of-the-art cleaning and repair techniques. Their seasoned experts ensure that each rug, each thread, and each pattern is treated with utmost care, reflecting our shared ethos of excellence and precision.

Experience Bob’s Difference!

Curious about our cleaning and repair processes? Want to read what our customers have to say? Dive deep into the world of premium rug care by visiting Bobs Oriental Rugs Explore our range of services, witness our meticulous process, and read glowing testimonials from satisfied rug aficionados just like you.

Choose a rug. Cherish its beauty. And leave the care to us.

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