4×6 Anatolian Rug: Timeless Charm with a Multicolor Palette


Experience the timeless charm of this 4×6 Anatolian rug. With its multicolor palette, good condition, and even low-pile construction, this rug adds warmth, beauty, and a touch of heritage to your home. Indulge in the artistry of Anatolian weavers and enjoy the luxurious texture that enhances the overall appeal of this remarkable piece.

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  • 4x6 Anatolian Rug: Timeless Charm with a Multicolor Palette


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      4x6 Anatolian Rug: Timeless Charm with a Multicolor Palette


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      Size (Ft.)

      4′ 2″ x 6′ 1″

      Material (Pile-Foundation):





      50-60 Years Old    


      Good Condition (Even Low-Pile)

      4×6 Anatolian Rug: Timeless Charm with a Multicolor Palette

      Age & Condition: Step into the past with this 50-60-year-old Anatolian rug, which remains in good condition, showcasing its enduring quality and remarkable preservation. Its age adds to its unique character and timeless charm.

      Material, Texture, and Weaving: Meticulously handwoven using high-quality materials, this Anatolian rug boasts a luxurious texture that enhances its overall appeal. The even low-pile construction ensures durability while providing a soft and comfortable feel underfoot.

      Color and Design: The rug features a captivating multicolor palette, including shades of tan, light orange, light grey, and more. The harmonious blend of colors creates a visually stunning design, showcasing the artistry and creativity of Anatolian weavers.

      Why Should I Buy This 4×6 Anatolian Rug? This Anatolian rug is more than just a floor covering; it’s a piece of art that carries the heritage and culture of Anatolian craftsmanship. With its exceptional condition, multicolor palette, and timeless design, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

      Where Can You Use This Anatolian Rug? The versatile 4×6 size of this rug allows it to enhance various areas of your home, including:

      • Living Room: Elevate the ambiance of your living space with the captivating colors and intricate design of this Anatolian rug, making it a focal point that adds warmth and personality.
      • Bedroom: Transform your bedroom into a serene sanctuary with the soft hues and cozy texture of this Anatolian rug, creating a space of comfort and tranquility.
      • Study or Home Office: Add a touch of culture and charm to your workspace with this Anatolian rug, making it a source of inspiration and creativity.
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