3×10 Sivas Turkish Runner


Experience a journey through time with this beautifully distressed 3×10 Sivas Turkish Runner. Aged 70-80 years, it captivates with its primary earthy brown tone, offering a warm welcome to any hallway or corridor. Hand-knotted from high-quality wool, this rug is a testament to the timeless craft of Turkish weavers.

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  • 3x10 Sivas Turkish Runner


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      3x10 Sivas Turkish Runner


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      Size (Ft.)

      3′ 5″ x 9′ 8″

      Material (Pile-Foundation):





      70-80 Years Old    


      Good Condition (Distressed)


      Ageless Beauty: 3×10 Sivas Turkish Runner

      Dive into the history of Sivas rugs, as you lay your eyes on our timeless 3×10 Sivas Turkish runner. Being around 70-80 years old, this rug has gracefully borne the test of time, its even distress narrating tales of the years gone by.

      Material, Texture, and Weaving: This runner is meticulously handwoven with high-quality wool, bestowing it with an enduring strength that enhances its aesthetic allure. Its touch is robust, its look comforting, and its presence fills your space with an aura of warm history.

      Color and Design: Our Sivas runner holds a rich palette where earthy brown is the dominant color. The layout of patterns and motifs draws from the traditional Sivas design aesthetics, lending a classic yet captivating appeal to the runner.

      Why Should I Buy This 3×10 Sivas Runner? If you’re someone who appreciates the beauty of time-honored craftsmanship and the charm of antiquity, this 3×10 Sivas runner is the right pick for you. The runner’s durable structure, rich color, and narrow dimensions make it a superb addition to your living space, illuminating it with a blend of history and style.

      Where Can You Use This 3×10 Sivas Runner?

      Hallways: This runner will command attention in your hallway, enhancing the space with its earthy brown color and captivating patterns.

      Entranceways: Its size and pattern make it an excellent choice for an entranceway rug, adding a unique touch of elegance to every arrival and departure.

      Corridors: The runner’s robust texture and soothing hues can make your corridor feel cozier and more welcoming. Its long, narrow dimensions are a perfect fit for these spaces, adding warmth and style.


      Care Instructions: To maintain the beauty and longevity of your rug, we recommend a professional cleaning every one to two years. With time, dirt and dust can become ingrained into the fibers, dulling the rug’s colors and causing wear. Regular professional cleaning helps keep the rug looking vibrant and extends its lifespan.

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