brown lvory-white 4×7 turkish antique area rug


The quality of Turkish rugs has earned them a worldwide reputation, and our 4×7 turkish antique area rug is no exception. They range from wool rugs to hand-knotted and are exceptionally well-made. What started as a handcrafted, everyday comfort is now a thriving industry.

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  • brown lvory-white 4x7 turkish antique area rug


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      brown lvory-white 4x7 turkish antique area rug


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      Size (Ft.)

      6′ 10″ x 3′ 10″

      Material (Pile-Foundation):

      Wool – Cotton


      60-70 Years Old

      Condition Notes (See Condition Rating Above):

      Good Condition


      Colors (Note: Refer to pictures for most accurate color representation)

      Beige, Brown, Orange, Tan

      Hand Made In: Turkey


      4×7 turkish antique area rug

      The quality of Turkish rugs has earned them a worldwide reputation, and our 4×7 turkish antique area rug is no exception. They range from wool rugs to hand-knotted and are exceptionally well-made. What started as a handcrafted, everyday comfort is now a thriving industry.

      It represents a significant aesthetic representation of Turkey’s culture through its elaborate designs and tight, strong weaving.
      Turkish carpets are often regarded as the finest and most desirable floor coverings. Turkish rugs are known for their intricate patterns, high design, and construction quality. Turkish rugs come in various styles, from antique to contemporary.

      Materials, texture, and weaving

      Traditional Turkish rugs like this 4×7 turkish antique area rug are woven by knotting wool or cotton yarns by hand over a foundation of warp and weft yarns. The weaver uses a needle to pull the weft threads through the warp after they have been knotted around the warp strands. The weaver can create an infinite number of unique patterns using a variety of thread colors and knotting methods.

      The Anatolian rug originates in the Anatolian area of Turkey and is the most popular style of the Turkish carpet.

      Wool is the most common material in Turkish rugs, though cotton, silk, and other fibers may also be included. Rugs may be intricately patterned, and the wool may be dyed in various colors. Our 4×7 turkish antique area rug has Beige, Brown, Orange, Tan primary colors.



      It is common for Turkish rugs like this 4×7 turkish antique area rug to have elaborate geometric designs. Using a rainbow of hues in the design process can only enhance the rug’s aesthetic value. Stripes and geometric motifs are commonplace in contemporary Turkish rugs. They may still be bright and interesting, though.

      The most common types of Turkish rugs include floral rugs, geometric rugs, and prayer rugs. However, these are only some of the many possible designs. Bringing a bit of the outdoors, the flowery pattern is frequently utilized in living rooms and bedrooms. Creating a more contemporary vibe, the geometric pattern is frequently used in public and professional places.

      The prayer rug is a classic motif seen most frequently in religious spaces, where its use is said to bring great prosperity and good fortune to those who pray on it.


      Why should I buy this 4×7 turkish antique area rug?

      Good Investment: Turkish rugs like this 4×7 turkish antique area rug are a good investment because of their high quality and beauty, despite their high price.

      Timeless Design: Turkish rugs’ beauty improves with age, making them a timeless investment. Since they are woven from high-quality natural fibers, Turkish rugs only improve in appearance with time.

      Can Be Used Anywhere: Turkish rugs are often misunderstood and assumed to be only appropriate for rooms with an oriental, Mediterranean, or traditional theme. However, its adaptability and versatility make it a good fit for a wide variety of design contexts; it can work equally well as a complement to classic or contemporary furnishings or as a showpiece in its own right.


      Where can you use this  antique area rug?

      The versatility of Turkish rugs extends beyond their primary function as floor coverings or wall decor. They can be used as anything from throws and blankets to tablecloths and window treatments. Turkish rugs are popular for use in high-traffic locations since they are long-lasting and simple to maintain, like our 4×7 turkish antique area rug.

      Our team of experts merely offered some suggestions, and you are free to put this rug anywhere you like.
      To find a one-of-a-kind rug for your home or office, browse our antique rug selection today. We would love to assist and guide you in finding your ideal rug design because we always have new arrivals.

      Nowhere else will you get access to products like these. From your wishlist to your shopping cart, you can rest assured that every rug from Shop Oriental Rugs is of the greatest quality. You won’t find the low pricing we offer anywhere else.

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